Saturday, November 29, 2008

Because she's evil, that's why.

Angela: what happened to all the paragraphs I added to your post?
Angela: *yanking hair*
Angela: AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kate: what?
Kate: lol, it did'nt work in the email i guess
Angela: ack
Angela: I'll fix it
Kate: LOL
Kate: nothing like making you go insane
Kate: hahahahaha
Kate: i'm talented at that
Kate: arrrrrrrrrr
Kate: i'm a pirate i don't have to have good grammer
Angela: oh yes you do
Angela: you do understand the difference between capitalization in English and capitalization in German, right?
Angela: because you just randomly capitalize words
Kate: LOL
Kate: I know I know
Kate: its a problem i have
Kate: I don't know why i do it
Kate: my mom is always trying to figure out why i do it
Angela: me too
Kate: I try to stop
Kate: but i can't help it
Kate: its like the german in me just seeps out or something
Angela: at first I thought it was because you studied German so much, but the words you capitalize would be lower case in both German and English
Angela: so I have no idea where you're coming from
Kate: LOL
Kate: I know I know
Kate: its bad
Kate: I do it without knowing it
Kate: its sad
Kate: I myself try to avoid doing it
Kate: but somehow
Kate: they just pop in there
Kate: I even went over this one blog and fixed some of the capitalized words in there that i had
Kate: I must not have caught them all
Kate: lol
Kate: it must be a pirate thing
Kate: I guess I just feel that the things i'm saying are really so important that they must be capitalized a little bit
Kate: lol
Angela: well they won't be for too much longer
Angela: *viciously de-capitalizing*
Kate: LOL
Kate: I think it must be some sort of disorder
Kate: i've never known anyone else to have that problem
Kate: i'm sure if i went to some psychologist for it, they would come up with some new special name for it
Kate: they would bring me on the today show as a new specimen for a new found diagnosis
Kate: " Its the most unbeleivable thing, she has no control over it, she even capitalizes lower case words in paragrahs in her sleep"
Angela: lol
Angela: *corrects numerical-verb agreement* grumblegrumblegrumble
Kate: katy: "I've tried to stop, but nothing I do seems to keep me from capitalizing my words, I even try to stop myself in the middle of doing it and I can't even force myself sometimes to backspace on them when i do"
Kate: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!11
Angela: *grumble*run-on sentences*grumble*
Kate: LOL
Kate: i'm the queen of run on sentences
Kate: infactsometimesi even LIke runningonmywordsalltogetherLIKETHISwith a fewCApitalLetters nowAnd Again where they Don't belong
Kate: I know that sentance there is killin ya!
Angela: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!1
Kate: *watches as angela rips out all the hair she has left*
Angela: *runs for the bunker*
Angela: *clutches "Eats, Shoots & Leaves"*
Kate: LOL
Angela: it'll be'll be ok...Lynn Truss will save the world
Angela: *deep breaths*
Angela: ok
Angela: now look at your post
Kate: k
Kate: wow cool, theirs Space thingys
Kate: LOL
Angela: omg
Kate: no really its beautiful
Kate: thank you
Kate: i'm laughing so hard i'm crying
Angela: *headdesk* when wishing to make something plural, one first REMOVES the -y and replaces it with -ies
Angela: [sobbing emoticon here]
Kate: did i actually do that
Kate: wow i typed that thing fast
Angela: right above, "space thingys"
Angela: lol
Kate: LOL
Kate: seriously the tears are streaming
Angela: right after "theirs"
Angela: *headdesk*
Kate: Ah hahahahahahahahahha
Angela: I'm going to have an aneurysm
Kate: i'm snorting OMG
Kate: omg
Kate: *breaths deep*
Kate: phew
Kate: i could barely see what i was typing
Angela: seriously
Angela: my little brain is exploding
Kate: lol
Angela: must *gasp* fix *choke* homophones
Angela: *thud*
Kate: if we get an apartment together
Kate: i'm just going to randomly leave papers lying around the house with awful grammer
Angela: oh god
Kate: just to watch you freak out
Kate: and start correcting it

Make no mistake, people. I-the jaded, vindictive, pessimist-am the nice one. :P

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