Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Flying solo, with tea!

From Singularly blissful Kate’s log:

Before I begin an account of some recent adventures and just plain simple good fun and future plans I’d like to address the fact of why my friend and I decided to start this blog. I was going through a hard time trying to figure out if anyone could or had ever achieved true sincere single happiness without dating people and always looking for someone to go out with that is more than just a good friend. All the websites and blogs and advice columns all were directed at helping singles on how to get over a bad relationship and telling them that getting out there and dating again was the thing to do. I just for the life of me could not find one person to just say that being single in and of itself had been rewarding to them and that they were happy living without some sort of romance. I realized I had to discover this on my own and ignore the world and its pathetic advice that it had to offer and discover it for myself. I can’t say I’ve fully accomplished this, but since I started on the quest for happiness without romance I’ve gradually become more and more successful. Once and a while the thoughts of desiring that still linger near, but they do fade the more I venture forth on my quest. I hope to provide thoughts and encouragement to other singles out there who desire the same for themselves in their lives so that they might learn to be happy and not depressed at the thought of being single. I am learning to count the blessings of having a single life rather than mope about the fact that I have no one to share my life with. If I find someone someday that I’ll want to spend the rest of my life with, then great! But in the mean time, I’m going to be happy about being on my own and not attached to anyone and free from the meat market of the dating world.

Now on to my life as a single:

Saturday, I and my brother had two very successful Pirate shows and were told once again that we had a very professional show, I also was informed not only that I have a beautiful voice :D, but that I have amazing expressions LOL! Its always nice to get plenty of encouragement when your embarking on a new endeavor. While no fox news or reporters showed up as was a possible chance, I enjoyed myself immensely (as I usually do with each show) entertaining the kids. Two shows in a row really wiped me out and zapped every little ounce of energy I possessed.
I am looking forward to the Christmas season and will be trying out some new recipes that I’ve never tried before, I decided its time I try something new for tasting this season and not just cling to the usual which I love and feel safe with for holiday comfort. I’ll take pictures of each and every new creation and be sure to blog and post about them all. My sister is coming home from college (where she is obtaining her masters) for the holiday and we shall no doubt have several girl days of pure fun while she is here.

Sunday my family and I went to a little amusement park called “The North Pole” to celebrate my little sisters birthday. I discovered that my little sister is an adrenaline Junky and loves to do as many crazy rides as possible. We had lots of fun on all the rides and ate funnel cakes and felt like kids for a whole day. We ended the day with pizza at a new pizzeria we had never tried before and then Cake, Ice cream and presents at home. To add the cherry on top of the very fun day, we watched one of my sisters presents “Kit” the new American girl movie. Today I’ve been enjoying the lovely fall whether we’ve been having and took a nice brisk walk in the sun and cool air. Now I’m enjoying a nice hot cup of Celestial seasonings English toffee tea with a bit of honey and so concludes my blog for the day/week :D


justme2575 said...

Sounds like things are taking off for you and your brother's business! Hope it continues to get even better!!

Hugs & kisses to Molly for her birthday! Glad y'all had a nice family day together.

Red Rover said...

Hurrah for tea!! I have been having grand fun with my singleness in NC, hosting parties with lots and lots of tea. I think the wassell has been the greatest success. I go through two big pots each time. Last Friday I had people lining up, waiting for the second pot to be ready to drink!!
I really love the your page!! The layout is beautiful and I love your music!!