Friday, November 14, 2008

Living Life Single!

Our goal is to bring singles into a new mind set and outlook on their single status. Being single is not evil and it is something to embrace and enjoy. We are not against marriage, but we encourage a mindset where one finds inner peace in their singleness and does not grieve over it. Having once been an unhappy single myself, I speak from experience when I say life is fuller and much more beautiful now that I don’t worry about whether or not I will ever marry.

Finding peace in singleness is about finding joy in everything you do have already: family, friends, faith, and career. Don’t let people pressure you into dating, and don’t wait till a spouse/lover comes into your life to do the things you've always wanted. Climb Mt. Everest, swim the channel, backpack through China, make that million you’ve always wanted and help that charity you’ve always wanted to help, if you are waiting, because you’re afraid you'll miss Mr. or Mrs. Right, then chances are, you won't ever get the chance or time again to do it.

When we say single, we really mean single! None of this “oh I’m dating that guy and oh that one too“! No none of that, we really enjoy being blissfully single and live life to its fullest. We both live in two different states and see each other when one or the other gets a chance to travel. Its all really been a lesson in progress learning the real beauty of singleness! Were not against men at all, but find remaining unattached to one has given us the freedom to say, “oh I’m heading off to India in a year”, or for the other to say, “I’ll be studying pre-law in the fall after I’ve experimented with running my own business of doing comedy/musical shows for kids for a bit“.
No emotional drama or feelings getting hurt, or anyone having to worry about offending anyone. We can take off whenever we want, or try out something new if we so desire. I admire those who want to be married and have a family and live that life, there was a time I wanted that too and maybe one day will want it again! I have no problem with anyone who desires that life at all, considering both of our families had great parents who have been married for years and never were formerly married to anyone and will continue to stay married to each other till they die!
Many people rarely get to enjoy the blissfulness in not being tied to someone at some point in time, because the world has tried to convince those who are single that it is a bad thing and that they must date if they are not married. This blog is to tell about our travels, our experiences and our adventures as single women, to encourage other single people out there to enjoy life without a partner of any kind, and to ignore anyone who might try to tell you that you need someone to be happy. We invite you to read this blog at your own risk, and to enjoy our journey with us, as we relate each story about both our lives whether the stories are separate or join up from time to time! We also will put down our thoughts of things past or present happening in our world, and whatever else may cross our minds at any given moment!

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