Saturday, December 6, 2008

To address an issue that some men seem to suffer from in making assumptions about single women!

From Singularly Blissful Kate's log:

When a single female who is attractive is single by choice and happy about it, men make the assumption that she is a lesbian. Well I’m here to clear that little misunderstanding right up and fast. I personally believe a man who desires a female that is attractive and finds her to impossible to have will make the undignified assumption that she is a lesbian in order to make himself feel more comfortable about his masculinity! There I’ve said it, and another thing, just because a girl is happy being single, does not mean she will choose to ignore every single man out there on the face of the planet, it just means she is wiser in her decisions about choosing a mate that will not exhaust, use, or abuse her. A single female that is NOT desperate, will not do something stupid and desperate and go falling for the first available attractive man calling.
I find that my mind is clearer in making a decision for life when I am happy, content , and confident in myself, and my singleness.

Arrrr, the pirate hath spoken!


Angela said...

Paragraphs! And correct capitalization!

Who are you and what have you done with Kate??

A pirate is what I be said...


justme2575 said...

Read the blog when you first posted it, quite a good read there. Great picture of you too by the way.

majgross said...

I have just arrived at your page. Very interesting start! Of course as a spoken for, egotistical male, I know that the real reason some attractive women are single is there are not enough like me to go around!

I drive my tractor in pearls... said...

Angela - I moved around quite a bit myself growing up - Oil Brat, is what we were called in Texas - kids of oil men who moved ALL THE TIME :)

I have a theory - I think women that moved a lot tend toward independent and fine without a man. Or they go the otherway and really needy, so there goes my theory :)

Great read and if you dont mind, I may throw that Susan B. Anthony quote on my blog!


Angela said...

Pearls, thanks for dropping by! I think you're right about moving making you independent. Generally the only military kids I see who become needs are the ones who have been damaged by the civilian/public school culture (I actually have a series of posts planned on the subject). I pretty much only lived on military bases and went to DOD schools, so when I attended non-DOD schools or was living off-base, I became repulsed by the me-me-me culture that so many teenagers had.

Of course, there are always the people who simply don't care for the traveling way of life, but they're a different topic.

Kate had a slightly different upbringing than mine. She's a marine brat (I'm an army brat), but she was home schooled and both of those cultures tend to breed independence as well.

By all means, share the Anthony quote with as many women as you know! And men too, if they have women in their lives they need to encourage those women to self-sufficiency.