Tuesday, January 27, 2009

boarding the slopes of life!

So much to do, and so much to say!

Blissfully Single Kate's Log:

As some of you know I am returning to school in the fall to pursue a degree in pre-law. I’ve been very anxious to get started and jump back into school. I don’t know how I will do, but I’m a little nervous about learning to speak the language of math all over again. Its been a couple years since I was in college and I’m a little scared but very excited about the whole thing.

What a better time to be a single than when you're going to college, you need the time and energy of a single person for one to just get through school and focus on your studies, and it’s a great time to make friends and branch out to new ideas and experiences. Even though I’m going to be “an old person” I will be staying in the dorms and living the exuberant life of a college student. The school is relatively small and for that I’m happy since it gives more of a small community feel and the professors are more attentive to their students in making sure they are actually learning. I also discovered that one of the professors who has been assigned to be my counselor does many trips with the students all over the world and from what I’ve heard it sounds like they are extremely fun trips at that.

Speaking of trips, my family and I enjoyed a very relaxing week on the sunny slopes of Breckenridge, CO where my family owns a time share making me a very privileged individual

I used to be a big time skier but now have switched to the snowboard which I love and can’t stop. The snow was amazing and the sun was just perfect. I took some footage, but have been having issues with making it work. I had purchased a camera right before we left on the trip, but it only runs on QuickTime and I’m having trouble finding a program online for free that works well with converting the videos so they can run in windows movie maker. If anyone reading this knows of a program I could use for this purpose, please let me know, I will appreciate it greatly.

Well to continue with a short update on the trip, I had not been working out like I should before the trip, so needless to say I was quite sore for the first few days of the trip after many hours of boarding everyday.

I switched to the snowboard, because it is much easier on the knees and ankles. I have always had a lot of trouble with cramping in the legs and feet when I skied; so I switched to something that made the sport of cruising the slopes much more enjoyable for me, and that’s how it should be. Someday I will have to write a post on the dynamics of such a change and the character and karma on the slopes as a boarder and a skier. On the last day of the trip, we took a side trip over to the outlet mall and enjoyed some great sales while shopping.
I’ve had so many ideas on my mind for this blog and things that I thought would help encourage all the singles out there that are having trouble with being happy about being single. I would like to know the thoughts of singles out there who are having trouble being happy and to express it and let me know what sorts of questions they might have on how to embrace the life of being single. I would also love to hear from the singles out there who have realized they are living a happy life with being single and why.

As much as I enjoy writing my thoughts down, I just as equally love to hear the thoughts of others. So please feel free to post your comments.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blog carnival

Kate and I were talking about this the other day, about how we both love the 'wrong' dogs: Staffordshire Terriers, Dobermans, etc. I've become more and more interested in the groups which rescue them, and the challenge of saving them from breed specific legislation (and the ignorance/bigotry that fuels it). To this end, we've decided to host a monthly blog carnival, focusing on BSL, no-kill shelters, rescue organizations, and the hypocritical organizations like PETA and the Humane Society who claim to support animal rights, but fail to support animal welfare. I'm aiming for the first one to be on Feb 16. If you want to submit a post, you can do so through this link; just click 'submit an article' and it will be sent to my e-mail address.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Sumdood strikes at education

Sumdood (in concert with his cousins, Sumgai and Sumwon) has been running around telling studious, hardworking college students they can keep their scholarships, even though they have failed most of their courses and/or have failed to maintain a 2.0 GPA. It has been left to me to inform them that no, a .865 does not satisfy the TOPS requirements, nor is it good enough for the scholarship we gave them at the start of their college careers. I've had many a conversation that go like this:

Feckless Student: "Uh, so, like why is my housing scholarship gone?"
Me: "Name, please?"
FS: "John."
Me: "Full name and student ID?"*
FS: "John Doe."
Me: [searching records] "It's because you failed to meet the retainment requirements. They're in the middle of removing scholarships right now, if you refresh the screen you'll see the other half of your scholarship has been removed as well."**
FS: "...oh."

*Yes, I have to remind students to identify themselves. No one teaches phone etiquette anymore. No one teaches any other kind of etiquette either, but that's beside the point. "Hi, this is so-and-so, calling because of __________)." It's not. that. hard.
**Yes, I say it just like that. No, I don't care if I hurt their feelings. I'm dead inside.


My laptop is riddled with viruses. My grandpa explained to me how to fix it, and I picked up the things needed to do it, but now I can't get it to load passed the 'welcome' screen that comes up while it's booting. *sigh* Oh, and the computer fix-it guy who was supposed to come out to the house to help, called the day he was coming over (after calling to let me know when he would be coming) to say the house is too far away for him to make a house call. I live less than 5 miles from campus; why did his company advertise at the university if it's too freaking far for them to drive?

Between moping over my laptop and the start of (my last!) semester, I just haven't felt very enthusiastic about blogging. Although, my new classes should give me plenty material.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Monday, January 5, 2009


From blissfully single Kate’s log:

Time, it’s a precious thing; we’re told this all the time. Certain individuals are wasting more time then they realize, and I’m about to address them. If you have not yet read the side bar titled “what we’re about,” you need to read it.

“What’s time wasting got to do with being happy single?” you might ask. I am a time waster, and I’m finally coming out to say so. How did I waste so much time? By being an unhappy single, rather than a happy one. I wasted months, in fact years. From one relationship to the next, everything in my life depended on the guy I was dating at the time. I wanted to mold my life around his, I wanted to change my passions of life and career path to fit a future with whomever I was serious with at the time. I never stopped to ask myself: What is it I really want to do?

When I started to finally ask myself this question, I realized, I hadn’t given myself the time to even know I wanted anything other than marriage and a family. It’s all I wanted out of life (I thought), and because I didn’t think maybe there are other things that can come first or instead, I lost a whole lot of time, because I wasn’t trying to just be happy as me, and achieving goals I might actually want to achieve.

People waste a lot of time wishing and waiting for someone to spend the rest of their life with, instead of just going out and doing what they want and letting marriage find them.
If you know you want to travel the world, then do it, if you want to start your own business, do it, if you want to be rich, then go out and figure out how to invest or whatever in order to do it. Why do you have to wait for someone to marry to do any of these? Of course when you need help you can always turn to a friend, or a family member. Singleness is not about being alone; it’s about not being romantically involved with someone.

Ladies: Obviously the world is not safe, and maybe you think I’m saying “travel by yourself,” but I’m not, I’m saying, do it with a friend, or a family member, and learn how to be a survivalist and learn self defense. If money is an issue, then why are you waiting to find a man with the money to spend on you so you can accomplish your goals, that’s not what getting married is for. Go out and earn the money and become successful yourself. You could see the world and much more in the time your waiting for that “Mr. Right,” who knows, you might just meet him on your travels or in your business endeavors, but that is not the reason you’re doing it. Get out there, enjoy life, don’t let being single hold you back from what you want.

Guys: I’m sure you waste less time than females do in waiting for that spouse, but don’t let it rule your happiness if you haven’t found that mate for life yet. Enjoy the freedom it gives you to not be tied to someone. You’ll find that confidence as an individual and not always looking for a girl, will attract more girls, but that’s not the purpose of why I’m saying become happy as a single. Why would you want to be unhappy in the time you could be enjoying the freedom of being single rather than having to take care of a family and all the responsibilities that come with that?

There are also the individuals who do anything and everything for the sole purpose of finding a spouse, and hunt other people like a hunter hunts wild game. Getting out and traveling is for your inner happiness and joy of seeing what you see, it’s not about doing it to ignore the beauty around you, because you were to focused on finding a spouse. Do what you enjoy because it’s truly pleasing for you. Don’t do bungee jumping because the guy or girl you’re attracted to does it, do it cause you actually wanted to do it, or don’t do it. You get the idea of what I’m saying.

I want to travel the world, so, instead of moping around wishing I wasn’t alone and crying because I’m not being asked out or because I think I’ll never find anyone to marry, I’m going to do what I want. If some guy out there decides he likes me for who I am and because we have so much in common, and if I’m attracted to him and he isn’t an idiot with silly notions, then I won’t turn him down if he asks me out, but I need to make sure I’m going out with him for all the right reasons, and not because I want someone who has a big pocket book and is willing to fund all my silly little fancies, or because I just am so desperate to be with someone.

If you can live by those rules, you’ll find that whomever you do marry (if you do) won’t be someone you’re eager to divorce in 3 years, because they turned out to be abusive or any other awful thing from a very long list of things that could happen.


I hadn't meant to be confrontational right from the start. I write about things as they occur to me, so those were just the topics that came up. On to happier things!

I love to teach myself to do things. However, I don't seem to do well with the basics. Take calligraphy, for example. There's a foundational hand you're supposed to practice first. I just flipped through the beginner's guide until I found the alphabet I like the most and started copying letters. I seem to have a knack for making things difficult for myself, and it holds true for learning to sew my own clothes. Kit and I saw several patterns for pretty dresses we wanted, and the one I decided to make first (with assistance from Grandma) is, according to her, the most complex of all the patterns. Sorry for the blur, my camera doesn't do 'up close' very well:
Having fought with fabric, patterns, and the sewing machine, I can see why the art of sewing pretty much died out. I think I'll keep it up though, since I've gotten over the initial frustration of using the sewing machine. The kinds of clothes I like are expensive (Ann Taylor, Banana Republic), and even at outlet malls I can only afford to shop maybe once a year, during the big sales.

There isn't a zipper yet, which is why it looks so wide, the back is hanging open. It needs to be hemmed, too. I think the picture squishes it a bit, because it goes just passed my knees. Here's a close-up of the fabric:

One of the benefits of rejecting the 'going-out' lifestyle is I have a lot of free time on my hands. Since starting college, I've taught myself calligraphy, to quilt, and now I'm learning to sew. Obviously I like to keep my hands busy*! Anyway, this is how I spent the end of my Christmas break, up in an attic growling at that infernal contraption known as a feeder.

*insert Mom wailing, "Then why don't you clean?!"