Tuesday, January 27, 2009

boarding the slopes of life!

So much to do, and so much to say!

Blissfully Single Kate's Log:

As some of you know I am returning to school in the fall to pursue a degree in pre-law. I’ve been very anxious to get started and jump back into school. I don’t know how I will do, but I’m a little nervous about learning to speak the language of math all over again. Its been a couple years since I was in college and I’m a little scared but very excited about the whole thing.

What a better time to be a single than when you're going to college, you need the time and energy of a single person for one to just get through school and focus on your studies, and it’s a great time to make friends and branch out to new ideas and experiences. Even though I’m going to be “an old person” I will be staying in the dorms and living the exuberant life of a college student. The school is relatively small and for that I’m happy since it gives more of a small community feel and the professors are more attentive to their students in making sure they are actually learning. I also discovered that one of the professors who has been assigned to be my counselor does many trips with the students all over the world and from what I’ve heard it sounds like they are extremely fun trips at that.

Speaking of trips, my family and I enjoyed a very relaxing week on the sunny slopes of Breckenridge, CO where my family owns a time share making me a very privileged individual

I used to be a big time skier but now have switched to the snowboard which I love and can’t stop. The snow was amazing and the sun was just perfect. I took some footage, but have been having issues with making it work. I had purchased a camera right before we left on the trip, but it only runs on QuickTime and I’m having trouble finding a program online for free that works well with converting the videos so they can run in windows movie maker. If anyone reading this knows of a program I could use for this purpose, please let me know, I will appreciate it greatly.

Well to continue with a short update on the trip, I had not been working out like I should before the trip, so needless to say I was quite sore for the first few days of the trip after many hours of boarding everyday.

I switched to the snowboard, because it is much easier on the knees and ankles. I have always had a lot of trouble with cramping in the legs and feet when I skied; so I switched to something that made the sport of cruising the slopes much more enjoyable for me, and that’s how it should be. Someday I will have to write a post on the dynamics of such a change and the character and karma on the slopes as a boarder and a skier. On the last day of the trip, we took a side trip over to the outlet mall and enjoyed some great sales while shopping.
I’ve had so many ideas on my mind for this blog and things that I thought would help encourage all the singles out there that are having trouble with being happy about being single. I would like to know the thoughts of singles out there who are having trouble being happy and to express it and let me know what sorts of questions they might have on how to embrace the life of being single. I would also love to hear from the singles out there who have realized they are living a happy life with being single and why.

As much as I enjoy writing my thoughts down, I just as equally love to hear the thoughts of others. So please feel free to post your comments.


justme2575 said...

So I hear you're wanting some strawberries!!!?!! I'm here to tell you they were DELICIOUS!! Wish you could be here to have some strawberry shortcake with us! But they'll still be in season when you come down for Angela's graduation!

EclipseGc said...


It's Kris, your cousin. First off, welcome to the blogsphere. :-) Second, for the video stuff, I'd seriously encourage you to consider switching to a mac. A bit more expensive, but worth it in my opinion, and will make any video work you wish to do much easier. (quicktime is also a native format there)

Enjoy being single, but don't stay that way for too long. The other side of the coin is also blissful (more so imo).