Monday, January 5, 2009


I hadn't meant to be confrontational right from the start. I write about things as they occur to me, so those were just the topics that came up. On to happier things!

I love to teach myself to do things. However, I don't seem to do well with the basics. Take calligraphy, for example. There's a foundational hand you're supposed to practice first. I just flipped through the beginner's guide until I found the alphabet I like the most and started copying letters. I seem to have a knack for making things difficult for myself, and it holds true for learning to sew my own clothes. Kit and I saw several patterns for pretty dresses we wanted, and the one I decided to make first (with assistance from Grandma) is, according to her, the most complex of all the patterns. Sorry for the blur, my camera doesn't do 'up close' very well:
Having fought with fabric, patterns, and the sewing machine, I can see why the art of sewing pretty much died out. I think I'll keep it up though, since I've gotten over the initial frustration of using the sewing machine. The kinds of clothes I like are expensive (Ann Taylor, Banana Republic), and even at outlet malls I can only afford to shop maybe once a year, during the big sales.

There isn't a zipper yet, which is why it looks so wide, the back is hanging open. It needs to be hemmed, too. I think the picture squishes it a bit, because it goes just passed my knees. Here's a close-up of the fabric:

One of the benefits of rejecting the 'going-out' lifestyle is I have a lot of free time on my hands. Since starting college, I've taught myself calligraphy, to quilt, and now I'm learning to sew. Obviously I like to keep my hands busy*! Anyway, this is how I spent the end of my Christmas break, up in an attic growling at that infernal contraption known as a feeder.

*insert Mom wailing, "Then why don't you clean?!"


majgross said...

with all these skills you'll make a good wife someday....

justme2575 said...

"exhaling deeply" yes, you could clean more, there's plenty of dirty stuff around the house to go around!

SWWBO said...

Oh, I really like that fabric! I used to sew a lot of rather difficult dresses for myself, and I loved doing it, but I always picked the hard stuff, too!

Be sure to post the front and the back when you get it finished!

MonieG said...

I've been wanting to take up sewing for a while now but my husband refuses to give in and buy me a machine. He says it'll end up as a dust catcher as all my other gadets have. Your first dress looks great!!