Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lessons for all!

Not just gold-diggers. The CrankyProf ranted about a girl in one of her classes, one of those girls who's working hard on her MRS degree. Living where I do, I honestly have never met someone in that particular degree program; my college has too many non-traditional students working two jobs to support themselves and/or family for that sort of nonsense to take root. CrankyProf offered a short list of things the silly girl ought to be doing instead, and I wanted to expand on it a little bit:

-Learn to handle your own finances/Live within your means and budget.
-Learn how to do (most) of your own car maintenance.
-Find something you love to do for yourself and by yourself.

Now, I'm sure the girl in question pictures herself as an 'Orange County' housewife, not an actual housewife (you know, one who realizes it's a job), but she needs to understand mastering the list above is essential to being a good housewife. Running a household requires budgeting; your husband is not always going to be around to fix the car (and there may be times when you can't afford to pay someone else to fix it); and he doesn't exist to provide your entertainment, so get a hobby (and the pool boy doesn't count).

This is all academic anyway, because a girl who thinks playing dumb is cool definitely needs to be single for a while yet. Neither Kate nor I would ever put ourselves in a position to be taken advantage of; we work hard, read often, and do everything we can to insure we're on equal footing with people we may come in contact with. I can't do most of the maintainance on my car (or even some of it), but I'm sure I could learn.

Trust me girly-girl, I know women who were abandoned by their husbands once the kids left home (or even before), and left them with nothing; it'll happen to you too, so get an education, and some self-confidence while you're at it. Like it says on our sidebar, we're not anti-marriage, we just don't think you can be happily married until after you've learned to be happily single.

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Red Rover said...

This post made me laugh! I remember when I first was headed off to school a man from our church asked me if I was going to get a M.R.S degree. I innocently replied "uh...no..I am going to get a B.S." I had no idea what he was talking about. It took me a good ten minutes to figure out what he meant. The whole concept of someone heading off to school just for that reason alone was mind boggling to me.