Saturday, February 14, 2009

Singles Awareness Day?? Or a day to be glad your a single?

From Blissfully single Kate’s log:

It seems a lot of singles dread this day of hearts and valentines, and while some have good arguments that it’s a stupid day, it’s the singles who cry on this day because they are single that I’m addressing. The day is full of commercialism and profit making, but if you let this day bother and upset you and you actually believe its “Singles Awareness Day (S.A.D)” than you probably feel generally upset about being single all year round and think you need to be in a relationship to make you happy. This blog is all about being happy as a single, and not letting the rest of the world dictate how you should feel about your status as a single.

For those who need to see the upside of V-day and all its advantages it has for Singles read Kate’s previous post about V-day:

Achieving a new sense and feel for the day most singles detest!

As for those of you who agree the day is bogus and just a scam to rake in extra money, and a silly excuse to put off love till that day for lazy lovers, than you will enjoy Angela’s post:

Valentines Day: a pinnacle of consumerism

Always remember one important thing, Singleness is not the definition of Loneliness!

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