Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy GaPeR Day!

From Blissfully Single Kate's Log:
My brother and I a year ago celebrating Gaper day as ninjas!

Gaper Day!

While for everyone else it’s April fool’s day, for us mountain people it’s Gaper Day!
Featuring another blogger with a great explanation of the day and some videos:
Unfortunatly this year my brother and I couldn't make it out to the slopes today since I became a victim of an evil dentist and am waiting to get it corrected.

Wish your fellow man a Happy Gaper day today!



justme2575 said...

Happy Gaper's Day to you! Sorry you fell victim to a bad dentist, and hope you get it fixed soon.

The Angry Snowboarder said...

You missed possibly one of the best powder days of the season. F doing the gaper day shenanigans, while everyone was getting drunk in the parking lot I was getting some. Face shots abounded and it was glorious. Bummer about the dentist.