Friday, August 14, 2009

Passing the Torch

Another summer has come to a close, and I'm gleefully awaiting the arrival of Kate. She's moving to a town not too far away from myself (only 2 hours! Weeee!), and will arrive in a week. This is a tremendous change for the both of us, since for the past six years the only way we could visit was by plane. The reason for this move is Kate has decided to move south to finish her college career, just as I have completed mine (sort of). I figure with all the work she put into keeping the site going while I was busting my butt in college, I ought to do what I can while she is indisposed.

Kate was right in her last blog post, a lot has happened. Since graduating I've been going non-stop, to New Orleans, Texas, Ireland, and soon I'll be visiting New Mexico and Arizona. As soon as all this is over, I really must get a job, I don't have a single cheap hobby...

Anyhow, I promise to have Ireland pictures and stories up soon (there were a few stories about relationships I heard along the way that I definitely want to share), but please bear with us: between Katy's move and my trips (not to mention my CASA case coming to a close soon), we're having a little trouble keeping everything balanced.

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Anonymous said...


Thanks for the blog. I liked it. I got to it through the 1000 places to see before you die group site on LibraryThing.

In that group site, you mention that you have spreadsheets for 1000 places and 1000 places in America and Canada.

Would you mind sending them to me? I would really appreciate it!!

Best Regards
Ed Huston