Friday, September 17, 2010


The spread.
Dessert: Kosher chocolate mousse made by a roommate
My roommates and I had a potluck Wednesday, and invited a bunch of students from our language classes. I think we invited between twenty and twenty-five people, and about twelve turned up. We were a little relieved that only half the invitees came, because it was pretty crowded with just the seventeen of us! My contribution to dinner was a crockpot chicken:

-one whole chicken
-some kind of spice from the market*
-two onions
-three potatoes
-half a liter of sprite

Since I don't like wine (and can't find bouillon flavoring anywhere), I used sprite as the liquid for my chicken. One of the onions I cubed and smeared with the chicken seasoning, and then put inside the chicken. The other one, with the potatoes, I cubed at arranged around the chicken in the sprite. It cooked on high for four hours, and was falling off the bones while I carved it.

Everyone had a great time, and aside from when I accidentally un-Koshered someone's pot lid, everything went well. We're definitely going to do this again, and I'm hoping to do a beignets-and-coffee day later in the semester.

*I asked the counter guy at the spice store what was good for chicken, and he waved something under my nose. It smelled good, so I bought it.

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